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Vending machines have come a long way since the 19th century. But I’m not gonna bore you with all of the details of the history of vending. A brilliant new touch screen vending machine has come out with some of the best features I’ve seen. It has a 46inch LCD screen modeled of the Iphone and has many interactive features. For example, the snack you press blows up and lets you spin it around to see the nutritional value, although you’re at a vending machine so I really don’t know why you would care anyway.

 Diji touch is making vending machines that let you play games and win prizes (food of coarse). It is also using the SSD (solid state drive) because it runs cooler, faster and is more shock-proof then traditional drives. It also uses 38-40 percent less power then otherimages[5]

Coca-Cola has make one that makes a stream of colors that follow your finger to really get you interested, and possibly buy more than you want and get this. It uses over 30 percent less power then other LCD “liquid crystal display” screens! It has a high graphics card to take what ever you do to it. But my question is, what would you do if your snack gets stuck in the machine? It’s not the best idea to shake one of these because they appear to be top heavy. For more information please visit these websites.

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